Prices and Floor Plans

Listed below are the square footage and rent for the one and two bedroom apartments in each wing. Please click on the image to view larger.

South Wing

One Bedroom, One Bath                        576 sq. ft.       $790.00     

Two Bedroom, One Bath                        720 sq. ft.       $1,090.00


North Wing

One Bedroom, One Bath (no balcony)      695 sq. ft.      $925.00 

One Bedroom, One Bath                        695 sq. ft.      $950.00

Two Bedroom, One Bath                        865 sq. ft.      $1,285.00

Two Bedroom, Two Bath                        895 sq. ft.      $1,330.00

Two Bedroom, Two Bath, Dining room     974 sq. ft.       $1,460.00



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